Let’s Talk Episode 3

Hello welcome back today is let’s talk episode 3. I don’t know what i’m going to talk about but let’s get right into it!!

So as you know most schools are going back to normal including mine and it might be my first normal year of middle school which is really exciting and scary. I’m mostly kinda worried about having all my classes every day. At the same time classes will be shorter than when we had block schedule which I am excited about. Most of my classes will be in the 7th and 8th grade hall but at least one or 2 of my classes will be outside in the portables. I actually really excited to have classes in the 7th and 8th grade hall because all my classes will be next to each other and I won’t have to worry about being late to class. I have a friend who is going to my school next year and i’m excited to show her around school ad help her out because it can be kinda scary going into 6th grade and being the youngest out of everyone. Next year is going to be so much fun and i’m also going to be running for the 7th grade president, which will be nerve racking but a good experience. I am going to be going out for the basketball, volleyball, and football team next year and I have a very strong feeling i’m going to get into each team. I will also be sticking with violin and it was a very good experience next year I will have so many performances i’m actually really excited but kinda nervous.

Honestly it an be very hard to keep friends in middle school and this year I was lucky because I made some really good friends that care about me and hopefully dont hurt me. I feel like if I could give any advice it would be to keep the friends that are good to you and learn from them and to remove yourself from people who are bad influences. Friends can be a big part of middle school and that’s not always a good thing but if you can try to atleast make one really good friend that will always be there for you. I have been through so many bad friendships to the point were I have learned my lesson on who I can trust and who I can’t which has paid off because this year I have such good friends.

Me my sister and her friend went roller skating and drove around and listened to music and it was a lot of fun. I have been going to a lot of fun things with a teen group i’m in. So far we have gone to urban air, electric playhouse, swimming, hinkl, ice skating, movie night, and a water park. It has been really nice to have other kids my age to hang out with. Usually during the summer im at home all the time doing nothing, but this summer i’m in a lot of clubs and camps which has really kept me busy.

Our Super Power

Hello welcome back today I don’t really know what i’m going to be writing about but I kinda wanna write about marvel, DC, other shows, and movies. So let’s get right into it!!

So as we all know marvel and DC are my two favorite things, personally if I had to choose my favorite superhero from both are spiderman, Scarlet Witch and flash. I like spiderman mostly because Tom Holland plays him an Tom Holland is really cute, so is a lot of the other marvel actors. I like Scarlet Witch because she is so powerful and she has gone through more than anyone and comes out stronger every time. Flash is my favorite from DC because he is very emotion driven and he is such an amazing hero and really does anything and everything to keep his loved ones safe especially Iris.

Some of my other favorites are green arrow, hulk, loki (loki is a superhero on one hand and a villain on the other), black widow, and supergirl. With green arrow he has been through a lot also he was in jail and was a very bad person before he became the green arrow. He can be a good guy on one hand and protect a lot of people but at the same time be a bad guy and make some not so good choices. The arrow also can be so incredibly strong when he wants to be. Hulk had a split personality for a very long time, bruce had a very hard time communicating with hulk and sometimes hulk wouldn’t come out of his shell which would start some problems between bruce and hulk. Then there’s Loki he is also one of those good but bad at the same time superheros, he had to find out on his own that he was adopted and that’s why he always felt so left out and different from thor and everyone else. But loki kept getting back up and when the avengers needed him he helped them but at the same time he would also be against them. So black widow is strong and powerful in her own way she doesnt have powers like most the superheroes but she does have guns and her fists. Supergirl is so strong and happy most the time, she always puts others first before herself, when she know that she can die from trying to save everyone else she still risks her life just to keep everyone safe.

These superheroes represent so many things that you don’t have to have powers to do. For example you can be just like Scarlet witch and grow and learn from your mistakes and pain or like the flash and do all you can to keep your loved ones safe. You can do any of these things without having any super powers, and just using the power of being yourself. This is why I like marvel and DC so much because there really is a story to learn in every movie and show even if you don’t realize it. I just wanna say that all the superpowers you need are being yourself and loving yourself, being able to do these two things can make you the strongest person you can be.

So I went to this camp they taught us how to find our super self and to destroy our kryptonite and what the leader groups are. So the four super leader groups are the thinker who overthinks everything and you have to tell them every single detail. The director who is very straightforward and want to get things done as soon as they get the assessment and will get mad if it not done in time. The reactor is very emotional but hides their emotions and puts everyone before them. The socializer is very energetic and just want to have fun all the time. Being able to find your super power and strength requires you to step out of your box and comfort zone. for example my superpower is to help encourage people to step out of there box and find who they really are. It takes time to find your superpower so don’t rush it. You just got to be able to look deep inside and ask yourself what is something that I can do to help society to be better. For the destroying your kryptonite you need to right down 1. A friend who is holding you back and how. 2. A habit you have and want to break and how it holding you back from being a superleader. 3. how your parent are holding you back from being a superleader. After you have written down all these things and answered them hold up your paper and tear it into pieces then throw it away. You have just destroyed your kryptonite. know you are ready to be a superleader step out into the world and share this with other people.

That all for today blog hope yall like it share in the comments what y’all want me to post next. Bye!!!

Lets Talk Episode 2

Hello welcome back today is let’s talk episode 2 I honestly don’t know what I’m going to be talking about but let’s get right into it.

This year has been probably the best year even if we had to do online school for more than half of it. When we got back to in person school I made so many friends and had so many people to talk to and relate to. My two best friends are Zsa Zsa and Evie we are literally like the 3 musketeers they are so much fun to hang out with. After school since we all walk we will stay after school and hang out and talk in till we have to leave that’s why I love walking so much so that I can stay after school and hang out with them.

Know that school is over I was put in to so many clubs, this is good though so i’m not home all the time. So I went to this school club camp thing for leadership next year which is a class im taking. it was honestly a really awesome experience and I had a lot of fun. I am also taking violin lessons and going to a teen group on Tuesdays and Sundays. There is this one camp I go to every summer and it so much fun we stay in cabins for a week and do horseback riding, go karts, archery, and frisbees.

I have been so into marvel and DC lately, right know im watching supergirl for DC and captain america the first avenger for marvel. I’m trying to start the whole marvel series over again and so far going pretty good, i’m actually really excited for the new marvel movies like black widow and the third spider man. I am so excited for the new spider man because they are bringing all the old spider mans back plus Tom Holland. I kinda want DC to do more collabs with all the shows, i’m also really hoping they dont end flash because that one was probably my favorite so far. They have been filming the seventh season and I decided to wait till they put it out on netflix to watch it and i’m so excited, mostly because they had to end the last season early. I can literally talk about DC and marvel forever but I think i’m going to end it here if yall want a whole blog on marvel and DC and that kind of stuff let me know.

In Person School

Hi, iIt’s Aurianna and today I’m going to be talking about how in person school has been going for me. Also I wanted to point out that I’m sorry for not posting in a very long time I had nothing to write my blog with but I finally got a new computer and can start keeping up with my blog again. Let’s get right into it.

I started going to in person school on April 5th and I wish they opened up schools sooner because it is so much fun. The school year is almost over and for the first time in forever have I not wanted school to end. So my schedule is a little different than online there is A and B week. A week is when I have even classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and odd classes on Wednesday and Friday. B week is when I have even classes on Tuesday, and Thursday, and odd classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So the only thing that changes is Monday’s.

During lunch I tend to switch off were I eat only because I have a a couple friends. Some days I eat with one group of friends on the end of the field with a small group. Sometimes I sit in the middle of the field with a bigger group and sometimes I sit in a portable with some other friends. Lunch is my favorite part of school, but sometimes we are not allowed to eat on the field because some kids leave trash. The 8th graders and 7th graders last Friday had little Cesar pizza and wouldn’t share with us but I kinda hoping they give us pizza on Monday.

I started walking home last week and I really like it, I try to only walk on days I don’t have orchestra so I don’t have to carry my violin. I started walking because my dad comes really early so I can’t hang out with my friends after school. Since I walk know I can stay a little longer after school hanging out with my friends. we have about 2 days left of school and I’m not excited I don’t want school to end I have had so much fun at school.

Body Image…

Hi its Aurianna and today I thought maybe instead of a weekly update I would talk about something else, like body image and I know this is a hard topic but I thought it would be good to put it out there. I will be talking about my experience and maybe some tips that I have picked up, so lets get right into it.

Struggling with body image is not something you can keep to yourself, and I did for a long time and it didn’t get me any were. When I was little I didn’t worry about weight at all. Around the age of 10 I started to feel a little insecure about my self. I didn’t do any thing about it except feel sorry for my self and that didn’t get me any were I was miserable and no one new but that was my fault. Around August me and my mom would walk 2 miles before school everyday and I started to feels good about myself. When it got cold I stopped walking in the morning, I started to fall apart and doubt myself again. I think I thought that if I didn’t walk in the morning then whats the point of working out, so I just didn’t work out at all.

Then around October and November I started to workout again and I was so happy and I was seeing a difference. Then I started to make the excuse that I was to busy which I wasn’t, so I stopped again and again I started to doubt myself and tell myself I wasn’t pretty, and that didn’t do me any good. I started to compare myself to others and honestly that didn’t help, I would think why do I not look like that. For about a month our 2 I didn’t workout I didn’t really care for my weight our anything and I felt pretty good about myself. Then again I started to workout again but it wasn’t to lose weight it was to build muscle. I also have been trying to eat less with less portions of food, and I have been feeling really good about myself latly. That was my journey through body image and what I went through.

I am going to put my email so that if anyone needs help with anything just email me, vebustillos@gmail.com. The comment challenge for today is to put one goal you have for the new year.

Bye For Know!!

Let’s Talk episode 1

HI it’s Aurianna Bustillos and and i’m going to be starting a knew series called lets talk today is episode 1. In lets talk I will be just talking about everything and anything like my favorite show our music our even color. I want this to be like i’m talking to someone, I am gonna try to do this whenever I can our am bored. I will also be giving tips for school and just life in general. Okay let’s get right into it.

Okay so for episode 1 of let’s talk i’m going to be talking about my favorite show and music and stuff like that, and maybe even giving some tips. My favorite show is Julie and the phantoms. So I have watched this show like 100 times , my favorite character in the show is Luke I don’t know why but I just love that character so much. I know all the names and ages of all the characters in Julie and the phantoms, I am that big of a fan. Julie-Madison Reyes 16, Luke- Charlie Gillespie 22, Alex- Owen Joyner 20, Reggie- Jeremy Shada 23, Carrie- Savanna lee may 20, Nick- Sasha 16, Flynn- Jadha Marie 15. Those are the main characters name and ages I know. My favorite part of the show is the music I always listen to it like during homework mostly and taking a shower. I strongly suggest watching it.

Okay I was thinking maybe I can give some tips and then close out the blog. Okay so one tip I have is I think that everyone should have a schedule and its okay if you are not on your schedule the whole time. I have a schedule to but I don’t always stick to it like I have been working out everyday but I don’t always stick to it. Another thing is when you get assignments for school try to start with the assignment that is due first you want to get it done sooner. After you finish all those assignments then work on the bigger and the latter due ones this should help.

Bye For Know!!

January weekly update 1

Hi it’s Aurianna back with my new series weekly updates. I hope you like this weeks update let’s get right into it.

“Don’t compare yourself to others”. -by me.

I’m so sorry for not posting my weekly updates I have been really busy since school started. but my goal this year to keep my blog up to date, I have been really busy so I will try my best. For Christmas I got a phone and man was I excited and surprised and I got a lot of friends numbers and that was nice. This week was the first week back to school, so it was kinda a lot I had to get back to my old schedule which was kinda hard but I did it. On Monday I saw my councilor and i’m glad I did because I told her about something and she told me that I have been having anxiety attacks which are really scary and i’m glad I found out know so that I can stop them before they happen. I sometimes wish I told my parents sooner about the attacks but I did tell them and that is all that counts. Tuesday was the first day back to school and I was not excited but it got better through out the week. Usually I have peer helpers on Tuesdays but it was cancelled this week but its okay I was able to get a lot done though.

Wednesday I really didn’t do anything, i’m not having tutoring till the 20th but that’s okay. Thursday I had student council and this week it was really fun we got to make new years resolutions templates to give to the school to fill out. This week I finished all my assignments before the weekend so no homework for me till next week. This week was so laid back so I didn’t really do much on Friday.

The lesson for this week is…..If something that can really hurt you like having anxiety attacks for example you need to tell someone before it gets to out of hand.

Bye For Know!!

December Weekly Update 3

Hi it’s Aurianna back with my new series weekly updates. I hope you like this weeks update let’s get right into it.

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down” Buddha.

Okay so this week was pretty fly last I met to meet my new tutor and that was cool but that was last week. So on Monday I had counseling and it’s nice cause I can just let out what i’m feeling and i’m able to talk to someone. I think everyone needs a outlet to talk to. A outlet is kinda someone that you can tell your problems to and go to when you need support our love our just anything really. My outlet is my Nino and Nina’s kids and my concealer. Okay so Monday was pretty good I got lots done and after that I didn’t have any assignments I had to do I had a free period. Tuesday was a good day to I feel like all week was good. On Tuesday I had no homework so pretty laid back day, I also had peer helpers. We talked about all the reach out projects we were gonna do. Me and some of my friends made a video for the announcements and that was pretty cool.

Wednesday I had tutoring for the first time, and it really helped me get ready for my final test. So other than I didn’t really do anything else on Wednesday. Thursday was laid back didn’t really do anything. On Friday I had tutoring again and I was able to get even more ready for my test. Some family from Austin came in for Christmas and speaking of Christmas It’s in a couple days away. Okay so My sister who left about a month ago and she is coming back on the 20th and i’m so ready to see her.

The lesson for this week is…Find a outlet to talk to it will help you a lot. When you don’t want to talk to your parents about your problems you won’t have to you can talk to the person you chose to be your outlet.

December weekly update 2

Hi it’s Aurianna back with my new series weekly updates. I hope you like this weeks update lets get right into it.

“Stop crossing oceans for people who won’t jump puddles for you. -OurMindfulLife.com.

This week I kinda felt like I was sometimes sad our mad but most of the time happy. on Monday I had all my classes and we all know how that goes Monday is a lot to handle but I think I managed Monday’s pretty well. usually on Mondays my brother and sister leave to go see my grandparents so we went and got takeout for lunch. On Tuesday I had a club called peer helpers and I visited my sisters mom and we watched Julie and the Phantoms. I have watched Julie and the Phantoms like 7 times I will have to talk about why I like that show so much.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty good Wednesday was a pretty laid back day. Thursday I had student council and I met my new tutor i’m glad because sometimes I do need help with school and homework. The one thing that gets me through my school day is listening to the Julie and the Phantoms sound track I 10/10 recommend.

The lesson for this week is… If your having a hard time with school are friends you need to talk to someone because if not one day you just gonna burst so talk to people let them know whats going on.

Bye For Know!!


Hi, it’s Aurianna. I’m sorry I didn’t write for awhile but I have been so busy lately with school. I’m going to be changing the way I write things so let me explain. So my posts are going to be starting off with an inspiring quote. Then i’m going to be moving on to talking about my week, what I did this week, what homework I had, and if I had any stressful days or not. I want to be able to also say a lesson I learned that week. I hope that if I do this it can inspire people to talk about their week to others when they are struggling with things now that we are online.

December weekly update 1

Hi, it’s Aurianna here with my new series called weekly updates. I hope you like this week’s update let’s get right into it.

“Today, I will not stress over things I cannot control”. -www.KAITLYNMOORHEAD.Com.

This week was kinda like a emotional roller coaster. I was happy then sad then mad and it’s okay to have emotions but it’s how you handle these emotions. You can’t let your emotions control how the rest of your day goes. Some days were a little stressful but it’s okay because I didn’t let that control how I felt the rest of the day. I didn’t have that many assignments which was nice but I have a feeling I might have a lot of assignments next week.

In student council we made a GofundMe to help raise money for the less fortunate. We wanted to get them blankets to keep them warm this winter. We had a goal to get 500 dollars but we got more than 500, it was so amazing. We were able to buy about 1,000 blankets. Me and the student council wrote thank you letters to everyone who donated money, one guy donated 200 dollars. On Tuesday I accidentally missed peer helpers and man was I mad at my self but I didn’t let that effect the rest of my day.

The rest of the week was pretty good. On Saturday me and my family went to a holiday party at my mom’s work. This year I was able to participate in all the adult games like white elephant, plastic wrap game and stocking game. I won 20 dollars and some board games. Sunday was a pretty laid back day. We went to church then came home and didn’t really do anything. On Sunday I learned to play jingle bells on the violin.

My lesson for this week is… Don’t let your feeling control the rest of your day when emotions get a hold of your body it can make you feel angry or sad at everything.

Bye For Know!

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